Live performance

video Dominik Barbier / music Laurent Perrier / choreography Jean-Charles Gil
Le Silo, Marseille 2013
Grand Théâtre de Provence Aix-en-Provence 2013
Les Salins, Martigues 2013


Dominik Barbier designs innovatives scenarios – striving to attain the « complete experience »,
a dream descended from generations of artists :
from the amazing performance HAMLETMACHINE (Lyon, Marseille, Amsterdam, Rome, Palerme – 2003)
to THE NIGHT OF INFERNOS in which an entire museum transformed into Virgil’s Inferno (Arles – 2014).
He also creates digital scenography for other artists, including :
Heiner Müller, Hubert Colas (theatre), Bernard Szajner, Art Zoyd, Kasper Toeplitz (music)
Jean-Marc Matos, Giovanna Velardi, Jean-Charles Gil (choreography)
Christian Jaccard, Judith Bartolani (visual arts).
FILM ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Archive demo of HAMLETMACHINE – Marseille 2003
Initially commissioned for the Pope’s Palace’s Cour d’honneur for the Festival of Avignon,
created in collaboration with Heiner Müller before being interrupted by his death in 1995,
the project was revitalized in 2003 in the experimental, innovative form of the « complete experience » :
it included the audience in the center as well as multiple scenes and mural projections
for a previously unheard of aesthetic experience, combining the forms of theatre,
concert performance, choreography, poetry and monumental video installations.